Just another morning – random diary

(Warning you, bud! You might get bored by reading it.) A day started with cursed alarm ” Only you, can make this world seem right….. Only you, can make the darkness bright……”; the song of The Platters. That very familiar tune was slowly awakening me from my deep sleep. “Ahhh… shit! Nope… I ain’t gonnaContinue reading “Just another morning – random diary”

Peeing in the shower: socially acceptable, or gross? (my peeing philosophy)

Just another random thought – why most of the people are seemingly too shy to admit that they pee in the shower – popped into my head while I was peeing in my homey shower. Maybe, for them, it does sound too gross or filthy to let someone know that they sometimes (or every singleContinue reading “Peeing in the shower: socially acceptable, or gross? (my peeing philosophy)”

Feeling guilty to feel good

It is just an another same old shitty day. “Hey, why same old shitty day?”, if you query me, Yup! I knowingly named it because, not so long ago, I have had some of my personal experiences of struggling and living a dang boring life, which eventually acknowledged me the definition of what the shittyContinue reading “Feeling guilty to feel good”